What really makes Buzju special?

Our proprietary fill mixture of kapok and shredded rubber fibers offer softness
with support that can't be matched by other fillers like memory foam or even down.
We spent years perfecting this mixture.

Improve your sleep, improve your life.

One effortless way to improve your life is to get better sleep.
Productivity, immunity, weight loss and depression are all affected by a lack of sleep. See what makes Buzju better.

All natural proprietary fill

The Kapok Tree fibers, 8 times lighter than cotton, combined with Rubber Tree fibers for support. Both naturally repel water, dust mites and bacteria and are retrieved without destruction.


Zippers on both ends let you create your own
balance of soft vs firm. You can easily access
the filling to add, remove or replace.

Stiff neck, snoring ?

The shape and level sleep surface direct the weight of the head away from the shoulders, elongating the spine not elevating it. This promotes clear airways and unrestricted breathing.

It's what you cant see that matters

Thanks to our filed patent, fill can be added or removed without bulking up at one end. Buzju's shape and technology are reformative to an industry that has been recycling ideas - until now!

Why we never call it a pillow.

Pillows have to be filled to keep their shape. Our design lets you adjust the fill density and then manipulate the shape to your body and desired position. The head is less elevated if at all.

We did it

Our patent pending technology creates a unique experience. How we do this... is
our little secret.

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