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Made Right Here in Los Angeles

Buzju is made right here in Los Angeles so we have a one-on-one relationship with the people who make this all possible. The best part is when they see us coming and shout out our names.

Like many of you, I was unsatisfied with all the pillow options out there and couldn’t find one that I loved and that wouldn't put a crick in my neck. I wanted something I could customize to my own, unique way of sleeping. I tried traditional rectangular-shaped pillows with all types of new and old fillings. I tried cervical pillows and pillows that claimed to offer a new revolutionary way of sleeping. Nothing worked. So after first trying to sleep without a pillow, which was better for my neck, but uncomfortable, I decided to find a better way to design the perfect pillow once and for all, so I began to research.

I discovered that pillows were originally designed to elevate the head to keep insects out of the ears and hair. This was before pesticides. During the Roman era, silks were a sign of wealth and silk pillows were regal and a way of showing off wealth, but what about comfort and ergonomics. The idea of supporting the head and neck with a rectangular shape should make sense to no one right? You take 2 pieces of flat rectangular material and fill them up making a rounded top and then try to put your round head on a rounded pillow. This starts off okay but during the night we move around and the head and neck become uncomfortable and are no longer properly supported. Furthermore, we use very little of, the rectangular pillow.

So, what if we took a narrow cylindrical shape, reducing the overall size, and began with supporting the Cervical Curve, the first 7 vertebrae of the spine, then we could manipulate the pillow and support the head between the folded cylinder? Or, we could support the base of the head and neck at the cervical curve directing the head away from the body while elongating the spine. This shape offered several different utilities.

This led to the creation of Buzju, which allows the user full customization. We added zippers so you can remove the filling to achieve the desired firmness and introduced our patented Floating-Fill System, which regulates the movement of the filling within the pillow and allows for support where you need it the most. Lastly, after having no luck finding the best filling, we created our own Certified organic filling that is plant-based, sustainable, and biodegradable, consisting of Tree Rubber Fiber and Kapok.
  • Manufacturing

    We have a very close relationship with manufacturing throughout the process.

  • Proving the Concept

    What would the customers think? We took Buzju to a local farmer's market in Brentwood California. Their support is what fueled us to where we are now.

  • An Early Photo Shoot

    How to show off the product and educate the customer is one of the biggest hurdles when introducing an innovative idea. This was an early photo shoot.