The Last Pillow You Will Ever Buy!

Enjoy a risk-free purchase of your new pillow. We just ask that you give us at least 90 days, keep it even longer if you like. If you don't absolutely love it, you receive a full refund—no pressure, just guaranteed comfort.

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I was waking up multiple times a night from my arm and hands falling asleep because I'm a stomach sleeper. Not anymore after using this pillow. I also exercise a lot and no matter what I would wake up with stiffness, but not anymore with this pillow! It's truly a life changer. Never going back to a conventional pillow again and nobody else should use them either, thank you!

I am so glad I found the Buzju pillow at my local Farmer's Market! Every other pillow I used gave me neck pain or shoulder pain. Since using the Buzju I wake up with zero pain and I feel incredibly refreshed from a great nights sleep. It's gone every where with me this summer, on planes and hotels. I don't sleep without it! Best purchase I made for my health.

I have to admit when first seeing the Buzju pillow I thought "how is this going to work?" Having suffered from neck pain and tried many different pillows I figured this was another adventure but it took away my neck pain and now my husband wants me to get a new one so he can get's broken in and he likes spending my money.

Never believed in special designed pillows nor specific pillow fillings; cotton, etc.
However, THESE are the real deal! Been struggling with my neck and shoulder pain for years and never got a peaceful sleep till I got this one. Absolutely love, highly recommend.

This is the most comfortable and customizable pillow I’ve ever used. My wife, daughter and I had to negotiate who was going to get to use the pillow when we only had one at first. Now we have three. one for everyone.

My Buzju is SO versatile and has really helped me by providing extra comfort in a variety of ways throughout my pregnancy as well as through some subsequent postpartum back pain. Some maternity pillows can be impossibly bulky but Buzjhu was just right! It also has absolutely continued to provide some relief from my lower back pain since I sleep with it vertically /in between my knees. Thank you for bringing this mama some relief!

Buzju - Sleep Correctly

Designed differently to adapt to your body’s needs. Say goodbye to :

Neck & Shoulder Pain

Rotator-Cuff Pain

Tingling Hands

Sleep Wrinkles

Say Hello to a Restful Night's Sleep.

Goodbye Neck & Shoulder Strain.

Buzju's unique shape and Floating-Fill System place you off of your shoulder while cradling the head and neck.

Laugh and the world laughs with you, snore and you sleep alone. - Anthony Burgess

Designed to elongate the spine and open the airways supporting the cervical curve.

Sleepless Nights, Daily Pain, and Fatigue Are Not Destined.

  • Cruelty-Free Organic, Natural Filling.

  • Completely Customizable.

  • Patented Floating-Fill System

  • Organic Filling. Your Desire to Be Generous and Live a Meaningful Life

    We cut nothing down! We understand your values and integrate them into our manufacturing.

    • Naturally contains insect-repellent wax.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Clean, cool, and allergen-free.
    • Hand-picked raw materials.
  • Zippers on Both Ends

    Easily add or subtract filling to create the perfect support.

Our Cruelty-Free Organic Filling, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Cruelty-Free Organic Kapok & Tree Rubber Fibers

Guilt-free sleep. We know you wanted something better than, not equal to what's out there. We've spent years developing our kapok and tree rubber fiber filling and it gets even better with age. We cut nothing down.

Floating-Fill System

What makes Buzju special is our patented "Floating-Fill System" and our unique shape which supports the head and the cervical curve. Getting a good night's rest doesn't have to be difficult.

Locally Made

Buzju is manufactured here in Los Angeles and sourced locally except for products that are specific to a region. Kapok comes from the rubber belt. No one buys Scotch from West Virginia.