Getting Away?

Each night an average of 8.2 million people are away from their home.
Whether sleeping in your favorite hotel or lying on the grass,
Buzju will be there for you.

It's Simply BetterBuzju is a natural redesign of traditional sleep aids. It utilizes the weight of the head,
elongating the spine. Designed to be customizable and portable.

Made by Nature,

so you're gonna feel right at home, even out here.

Improve your Sleep...
Improve your Life!

One effortless way to improve your life is to get better sleep. Weight loss, productivity, immunity and depression are all affected by a lack of sleep. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

Made in the USA

Designed and made here in America. Did we mention it's patent pending?

Who's Snoring?

Buzju is designed to elongate the spine and craddle the head, not elevate it. This promotes a clear airway and natural, unrestricted breathing.