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Buzju Zero-Risk Return Policy. All that we ask is that you keep it and try it for at LEAST 3 months or more. If after that time you don't LOVE your new pillow, just ship it back to us and we will give you a Full Refund. This takes all the pressure off of you. Take your time and try it, because we're confident you're going to Love It.

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What is the Value of a Good Night's Sleep?

Hands and arms don't have to fall asleep during the night, shoulders don't need to be in pain. Buzju is everything! A Neck Support Pillow or a Flat Pillow for Neck Pain, it's completely customizable. It's the best pillow for side sleepers, back sleepers, or stomach sleepers.

Your "Elbow" Should be Below Your "Shoulder" for Neck and Shoulder Pain Elimination. No More Numbing Hands and Fingers. No Holding on to Your Pillow.

If you've been asking yourself, "Why does my neck hurt when I wake up?" well, you're not alone. Traditional pillows take two pieces of material and fill them, creating a rounded top and bottom. However, the round top with a round head offers no support. Buzju, on the other hand, uses the weight of the head to elongate the spine while supporting the cervical curve and cradling the head. Buzju stays in place moulding to the cervical curve.

Side Sleeper, Shoulder Pain, or Rotator Cuff Issues?

Goodbye Neck & Shoulder Strain. Buzju's unique shape and Floating-Fill System places you off of your shoulder while cradling the head and neck.

Neck Pillow for Neck Pain

We know that you are tired of waking up with headaches and neck pain. Buzju places your body in the perfect sleep position. No more waking up with a stiff neck, or your neck sore from sleeping. Many of our customers were waking up with a headache or woke up with neck pain.

Pillow For Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers, or Stomach Sleepers

Complete versatility to sleep whichever way you find most comfortable. If you have been using a neck pillow, Buzju is a far superior solution.


We love your pillows and have purchased three of them.  Each of us is able to form the pillow that best suits our individual sleeping styles.I like that my head and neck are supported and my cheek is clear. My boyfriend likes that his cheek and back of head are supported and his ear is left to the open. Thank you again.

I bought my Buzju pillow at the local Farmers Market about 6 months ago and instantly fell in love with it. My head feels very supported and comfortable when I’m going to sleep, and falling asleep on my back is now much easier. The quality of this pillow is great and I love how many options there are to contort the pillow. I wish I would have found this pillow years ago, it would have saved me a lot of money on conventional, uncomfortable pillows.

I got this pillow and fell in love with it. My husband swiped it from me, then our daughter took it from him. No one wants to give it up . . . so I guess we need to stock up!

My Buzju is SO versatile and has really helped me by providing extra comfort in a variety of ways throughout my pregnancy as well as through some subsequent postpartum back pain. Some maternity pillows can be impossibly bulky but Buzjhu was just right! It also has absolutely continued to provide some relief from my lower back pain since I sleep with it vertically /in between my knees. Thank you for bringing this mama some relief!

Since I’ve been using the buzju, my back and neck pain have almost disappeared. I travel with it, sleep with it, use it on the couch watching TV and even use it as a lap pillow for my laptop. So versatile and more compact than a tradition pillow – it’s like a security blanket for adults.

  • We Cut Nothing Down!! Cruelty-Free Organic Kapok and Tree Rubber Fiber Filling

    You can even change out the filling, and feel clean, cool, and allergy free.  Although our filling naturally contains insect-repellent wax so insects can't thrive and it's naturally hypoallergenic. Why it's so good? The Kapok gives space to the Tree Rubber allowing air to flow through so you sleep cool and calm.

  • Zippers on Both Ends

    Zippers let you easily add or subtract the filling to customize the feel depending on how you decide to sleep with your Buzju.

Our Cruelty-Free Organic Filling, Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Cruelty-Free Organic Kapok & Tree Rubber Fibers

Guilt-free sleep. We know you wanted something better than, not equal to what's out there. We've spent years developing our kapok and tree rubber fiber filling and it gets even better with age. We cut nothing down.

Floating-Fill System

What makes Buzju special is our patented "Floating-Fill System" and our unique shape which supports the head and the cervical curve. Getting a good night's rest doesn't have to be difficult.

Locally Made

Buzju is manufactured here in Los Angeles and sourced locally except for products that are specific to a region. Kapok comes from the rubber belt. No one buys Scotch from West Virginia.