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No Numb Hands and Fingers. No More Neck Pain and Strain. Just Wait Until You Feel This!

We spent over two years perfecting our Organic Fill. Making something superior and sustainable is a difficult task and we knew that when we set out to create a superior product with our patented Floating- Fill System.

Working With Your Buzju and the Floating-Fill System

A few instructional videos showing how to work with, and use your new Buzju Pillow.

Side Sleepers, Easy Positioning

Watch our user video.

How to Fluff and Aerate Your Buzju

Thanks to our Floating- Fill System, fluffing your Buzju has never been so fun. Watch this quick video to see how to aerate the organic filling.

How to Remove Buzju Filling

Does your Buzju feel too firm or too hard to manage. No problem! This is all part of the customization process. We would love to show yo some options!

Changing the Way We Sleep

  • Patented Floating-Fill System

    The Floating-Fill System keeps the filling where you need it most, and supports your head and neck. This patented system is what makes Buzju really special.

  • Zippers on Both Ends

    Zippers let you easily add or subtract the filling to customize the feel depending on how you decide to sleep with your Buzju.

  • Unique Shape and Taper

    Our unique shape uses the weight of the head to elongate the spine and properly position the head, taking the strain off of your neck muscles.

  • Organic Kapok and Tree Rubber Fiber Filling

    Kapok gives space to the Tree Rubber allowing air flow and giving you a soft, cool surface to sleep on. Breathability with a hypoallergenic fiber resistant to mold and mildew.

Go Ahead and Get Away

After we designed Buzju we wanted to make sure that you never slept without it again. Buzju's travel case lets you take it with you so you sleep well when traveling for work or on vacation.