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Buzju Foldable Pillow

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 Neck and shoulder pain or rotator cuff issues leading to a restless night's sleep are not acceptable. Our superior Floating-Fill System is fully customizable, whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper. Buzju works with your body's natural curves and the specific way you like to sleep. You place it where you need the support. Rectangular-shaped pillows are inferior.  

Unique Shape and Taper - It's Foldable

  • Relives pressure on Shoulder and Rotator Cuff
  • Supports the Neck while Cradling the Head
  • Elongates the Spine

 Patented Floating-Fill System with Cruelty-Free Organic Filling 

  • Choose your desired firmness - Replaceable Filling
  • Patented Design System
  • Our Custom Organic Filling
  • Guiltless Sleep

Premium Textile 

  • 100% Cotton with a Sateen Silk Weave Imported from Japan
  • Or 
  • 100 Linen Imported From japan

Compact Design 

  • Travel with your pillow
  • Available Travel Case

The Buzju Therapeutic Pillow Will Help You:

Fall Asleep Faster
Stay Asleep Longer
Stop Neck Pain
Stop Shoulder Rotator Cuff Pain
Wake Up Happier

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Renee Ditoro
Can't Sleep Without It!

I have been using Buzju for a year and it has transformed my sleep. My neck and back are not sore in the morning and I get a full night's sleep without waking up. My daughter used it once and didn’t want to give it back. When I travel without it, I notice a huge difference and I started taking it with me for that reason. I have tried so many pillows over the years..none of them compare. 

Now my husband wants one.

I have to admit when first seeing the Buzju pillow I thought "how is this going to work?" Having suffered from neck pain and tried many different pillows I figured this was another adventure but it took away my neck pain and now my husband wants me to get a new one so he can get mine...it's broken in and he likes spending my money.

Selen Kalaycioglu
Best Pillow

When I saw this pillow, I thought it was so unique looking and different. When I tried it, I knew I had to own it! It is the most comfortable pillow. Also you can shape it to your comfort. It is chic looking with the linen pillow case. I am grateful for this innovative pillow as I sleep so deep and comfortable now.


I am so glad I found the Buzju pillow at my local Farmer's Market! Every other pillow I used gave me neck pain or shoulder pain. Since using the Buzju I wake up with zero pain and I feel incredibly refreshed from a great nights sleep. It's gone every where with me this summer, on planes and hotels. I don't sleep without it! Best purchase I made for my health.