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Buzju ORGANIC Foldable Pillow with Buzju Case Included.

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Neck and shoulder pain or rotator cuff issues leading to a restless night's sleep are not acceptable. Our superior Floating-Fill System is fully customizable, whether you're a side sleeper, back sleeper, or even a stomach sleeper. Buzju works with your body's natural curves and the specific way you like to sleep. You place it where you need the support. Rectangular-shaped pillows are inferior.  

Unique Shape and Taper - It's Foldable

  • Relieves pressure on Shoulder and Rotator Cuff
  • Supports the Neck while Cradling the Head
  • Elongates the Spine

 Patented Floating-Fill System with Cruelty-Free Organic Filling 

  • Choose your desired firmness - Replaceable Filling
  • Patented Design System
  • Our Custom Organic Filling
  • Guiltless Sleep

Premium Textile 

  • 100% Cotton with a Sateen Silk Weave Imported from Japan
  • Or 
  • 100 Linen Imported From japan

Compact Design 

  • Travel with your pillow
  • Available Travel Case

The Buzju Therapeutic Pillow Will Help You:

  • Fall Asleep Faster
  • Stay Asleep Longer
  • Stop Neck Pain
  • Stop Shoulder Rotator Cuff Pain
  • Wake Up Happier
  • What to Expect
  • How We Got Here
  • Ways to Use Your Buzju
  • Buzju's floating-fill system allows you to adjust the filling for optimal support based on your sleeping position. Experiment with folding or leaving it straight, as folding increases firmness in the neck area. You can remove some filling and store it in a sealed bag if it feels too firm, and add it back later if needed.

    Buzju supports the head in a way that elongates the cervical curve and opens up vertebrae, activating new muscles. This differs from traditional pillows that elevate the head and compress the spine.

    To find the best sleep experience, try switching between your old pillow and the Buzju. You can fold or place it whichever way you like, even on top of your current pillow. Experiment to find what feels best. Some people love the Buzju immediately, while others need more time to adjust. Remember, we're here to help if you have any questions or need anything.

  • After trying numerous pillows with no success in finding one that suited all sleeping styles, we did research and discovered that pillows were initially designed to keep insects out of hair and ears. Rectangular pillows don't make sense for supporting the head and neck, which led to the creation of Buzju, a cylindrical pillow that can be customized to support the cervical curve or the base of the head and neck, with a patented Floating-Fill System and organic, plant-based filling. Zippers allow users to adjust the firmness of the pillow.

  • Buzju is the perfect pillow for a good night's sleep, without waking up with a stiff neck or soreness. Many of our customers reported waking up with headaches or neck pain until they tried Buzju. Our customizable pillow is suitable for all sleeping positions, whether you sleep on your side, back, or stomach. Unlike traditional pillows, which provide little support, Buzju uses the weight of your head to elongate the spine, cradle your head, and support the cervical curve. With Buzju, you can sleep in complete comfort and wake up without numb hands or fingers. If you've been using a neck pillow, Buzju is a far superior solution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Michelle Purvis
Best pillow ever!

This is the only pillow that I will sleep on. With the Buzju pillow, I no longer wake up with neck pain or numbness in my arms. It has completely changed my sleep!

leoni fernando
Life changing to say the least

This pillow is everything !! It gives great support and is super comfortable. It provides instant relief especially for people who experience frequent neck pain. It is fluffy, full, and provides just enough firmness for support. Good sleep is guaranteed with these perfect pillows! If you are looking for good pillows , look no further. This pillow is worth every penny and I look forward to buying more :)

Claudette Groenendaal
Love this pillow!

I bought a buzju pillow several years and really liked it. I keep a regular pillow on my bed for when I read and last week in the middle of the night I accidentally shifted to the regular pillow. My neck and shoulder have been stiff all week, I won’t make that mistake again!

Linda Williams
V happy

It’s helping my neck pain and allows me to sleep with my neck in a proper position. And I like the pillowcase and the little bag to hold filling so I can adjust the pillow.

Daniela Mahler
Awesome pillow

I have purchased a dozen other pillows. This is THE ONE. Just wish they made it in a cooling format.